Communal colours

After the plea of delhi high court ban on the burning of crackers in NCR(national capital area).

But many from us tried to gave it,communal shape.This types of communal have structure to give the care and shape to the particular section or religion. They lead the particular section and only raise the interests of particular group of society.We are living in world largest democratic country,where judiciary system is play significant role,So we should respect the the order of judicial body.

The pollution lavel of our capital is quite high, their atmosphere is not healthy to breadth.We know burning of crackers or fireworks is not a single causes of pollution.There are millions of causes behind the horrible scenario. The burning of crackers is one among them.The prohibition of Delhi high court is to ban on the selling of firecracker,hasn’t motive to prevent the rituals of Hindu religion to celebrate Deepali with burning crackers.Raher than it,they wants to minimise the pollution level through taking small steps.We know well that the what are the main causes of pollution,smoke from burning of crop residue in Two agriculture leading states which are neighbours of Delhi is one causes and Industry and motors vehicles are the other one.But both are out of control,there are many rules against these provisions.But unfortunately all proved chokers.On 2015,ban on the burning of crop residue but still now nothing could be floating on Earth.So due to these reasons,On the front of judicial pannel ban on fireworks is easy one to prevent pollution.There is no need to give the communal colour to the decision of high court.It is demand of present era, we should respect the decision and follow it.

Our culture and religion is emotional side of our character,some from our society catch this side.They always try to motivate you toward the any issue through the name and prosperity of the religion and culture.Thay take the religion as a business and mode of name and fame,but common people take it as emotionally,it is holy kind of thing for common people.They do the businesa through our emotions,try to bound the people with own through give the communal colour to each and every issues.

We should take our religion ony as the mode of living a gorgeous anf peaceful life. Religion is made by great personalies for the sake of humankind,not we are born to give up our life for our religion.Always take one mile distance from the people who always try to give the communal colours to each and every issue. And try to use your own brain to understand the things thats are going on.


Role of media

Commonly we start our day with look up the daily newspaper and we updated ourself with whole world.After that we thinks that we touch the all corner of the world at a glance.Media play important role in our day to day life in many aspects directly or indirectly.It keeps us in touch with whole world.We read the newspaper or watch the news from different sources and blindly faith on it without doing suspense on it’s news.Now we have different channels through which we get news like electronic media,Social media and press media.

The roles of media are out of estimation.Thay are the pillars of the development of any country.They play different roles like raise the many problems on the front of government and administration,Expose the bad elements of society and many more.Media is the main chain between peoples and the government, they help government to reach the all the welfare schemes and programmes to the weaker sections of the society. Also forces the government to take the better steps for the betterment of the marginal section of the society and form the scheme regarding the elimination of the problems .They always show the right path to the government by detecting the problems of the society.If media plays nationalist role in development of any country then it must be develop country after the passes of time.

But unfortunately,the present scenario has been completed changed.Our responsible media forget their role toward the society and country.They have been moved toward the power and money.They forget,how much public blindly faith on them.If they present the bad things in rights ways,means they change the perception of public in wrongs ways about the good one.

So,the world of media should publish the news without taking side of any organisation and institution.Always condemn the bad and condolence the good one.

Our cultural Heritage

We are belonging from the land of ramayana and Mahabharata.Our past is glorious,we should keep proud on it.Our culture is superior among the all thats believe on the era till now.We have the most developed and oldest civilisation i.e; sindhu valley civilization abd hadappa civilization.

If you talking about India outside the country,we all are known for our cultural heritage, glorious past and rituals that are follow by us.If you have gone in past when Britishers were just started the colonialism across the all parts of the world.They have a agenda to make civilised the whole world.They thought that their culture was superior and develop one.They understood our culture as shit things.But after the discovery of different civilization across the paradise boundary of Indian subcontinent.They were also enforced to believe in our enriched culture like whole world.

When we are talking about the India,It is completely strange and peculiar in many dimension like climate, structure, religion and many more.But after all,India is a united after too many diversmany . We have many rituals thats directly links with our environment and day to day life.Our culture is superior among all cultures thats exist on Earth.So,we should proud it and respect it.

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